Why blues, brews, and all that jazz?

In a word:  Bonsynthaze.

Yes, it’s a made-up word.  But here at BBJaze we felt that a new word was needed to describe what we do.

Let’s start with a more familiar word.  We all know that “synthesis” means “the process of combining things to form something new.”  Products formed through the process of synthesis can be either good or bad.  To give one example of bad synthesis, when you combine a 1981 Plymouth Reliant with a 1982 Dodge Aries you get a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron.  To give an example of bad synthesis more relevant to our project, when you combine light beer with laboratory-manufactured lime flavoring you get urine.  Which is not even a new product.  The point is, not all synthesis is good synthesis.

So what is an example of good synthesis?  Blues, for one.  Blues is a synthesis of African and European music.  The same can be said of jazz.  And let’s not forget beer, one of the most significant developments in human history, which is synthesized from water, malt, hops, yeast, and love.  Blues, beer, and jazz—each one, individually, is an extraordinary product of synthesis.  Good synthesis.  What happens when all of those extraordinary products are themselves combined…?

Well, before we begin to answer that question, we need to look at a couple of other words.  First, “synthase.”  A synthase is an enzyme that catalyzes—inspires, in other words—a synthetic process.  Next is “bon,” the French word for good.  Synthesize those words, and you get something new: Bonsynthaze—the catalyst for an inspired combination of extraordinary things.  The “good catalyst.”

You may wonder why we chose the French word for “good,” given that the French drink wine instead of beer.  For one, it should be noted that the French like jazz.  Second, the runners-up were unworkable.  The Filipino version, “synthakapakinabangan,” wouldn’t fit on our business card; the Yiddish version, “giltiksynthase,” implies guilt (naturally); and the Swedish version, “Synthabra,” is probably a trademark violation.  You may also wonder why we changed the second “s” in “synthase” to a “z.”  We did that because it’s evocative of “catalyze” and even “jazz,” and also because it looks cool.

So there it is.  BBJaze is the good catalyst, the catalyst for the combination of the things that matter most in life: blues, beer, and jazz.  If you’re wondering how we can claim that these are the things that matter most in life—What about the ideals of Inclusiveness and Love?  What about Truth and Beauty?  What about Family?—you’re at the wrong website.  The rest of us understand that BBJaze is all about inclusiveness (blues, brews, AND jazz) and love (no explanation needed).  And does anything represent Beauty and Truth more meaningfully than blues or beer or jazz?  Well, yes—the combination of all three! BBJaze is the highest system of meaning.  As for family: we value nothing more.  In fact, BBJaze is dedicated to bringing together folks from around the world who understand that an appreciation of blues, brews, and all that jazz is more than a hobby or even a vocation.  It’s a lifestyle.

Now that you understand the meaning of BBJaze, you may be wondering about our purpose.  What is our mission, exactly?  Honestly, to us “being on a mission” sounds like something that is best left to astronauts and spies.  But insofar as we are missionaries, we seek to promote the people, events, and topics that matter to those of you haven’t stopped reading by this point.

Simply put, BBJaze combines the best things in life, creating a synthesis so extraordinary it can only be described by a new word.